Breast Reshaping with Mia Femtech in Just 15 Minutes

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What is the Mia Femtech procedure?

Mia Femtech is a beast harmonization procedure that adds volume to your breasts up to 2 cup sizes in only 15 minutes. With a patented technology that practices a minimally invasive procedure, Mia implants preserve the breast tissue and leave minor scars.

How does Mia procedure work?

Mia femtech procedure, performed under local anesthesia, includes the following: 


  • Making small incisions in the armpits
  • Creating space for implants with a high-tech device 
  • Inserting the implants through incisions using a special gun 
  • Closing the incisions 
  • Up to one and a half hours spent in the recovery room.

What are the benefits of Mia implants?

Mia breast augmentation is a state-of-the-art procedure that can give the natural proportion you want while causing the least amount of tissue changes following the surgery. The benefits go even beyond as it:

Local Anesthesia

A 15 minute

Hidden Scars in the armpits

breast tissue

Reduced risk
of implant displacement

Designed to last a lifetime

What is rapid recovery breast augmentation?

Mia treatment stands out as a breast augmentation procedure that has minimized the downtime to one and a half hours. This means, you can resume your daily activities after leaving the recovery room. As there’s no significant downtime, and therefore no explanation needed, you can maintain your privacy. Nonetheless, it is important to follow your doctor’s instructions. You might need to stay away from some activities such as strenuous exercise for a while.  Book an appointment

How much does Mia Femtech cost?

The price for the MIA implants starts at 40,000 AED.

Beauté Concept official Mia Femtech partner

Beauté Concept has the authorization to perform the procedure as an official Mia® partner. With our Mia-certified surgeon, we ensure safety, quality, and favorable results.  We are honored to have joined Mia®, the initiative introducing the first injectable biocompatible breast implants. 

Dr Lyor Hannan

Dr. Lyor Hanin is a plastic surgeon with an excellent record in reconstructive surgery and over 13 years of experience. A graduate of the Université de Paris, he studied under Laurent Lantieri, a renowned surgeon and pioneer in face transplantation. Dr. Hanin specializes in various procedures, such as reconstructive breast surgery and rhinoplasty, and has earned the official certificate from Mia Femtech to perform Mia.

Mia Implants results

It takes up two months for MIA implants to show their final results. Once established in the right position, the following become visible: 
  • Improved breast shape
  • More volume concentrated at the upper part of the breasts
  • Slight lifting effects

Mia Femtech Results

  • / 15 minutes
  • / harmony
  • / beauty
  • / safe
  • / fast


Women above 18 can be potential candidates for procedure. However, considering personal goals and medical history are important factors in determining whether the treatment is suitable for the candidate. Mia is not recommended for Individuals with an intent to augment their breasts more than 2 cups size and individuals having saggy breasts.
The implants take up to two months to establish themselves in the breasts and show their final appearance. 
The implants are meant to last a lifetime. In case of any issues, you must consult with your doctor for replacements. 
What type of warranty coverage do I get with Mia Femtech ?
You can get authenticity proof and Mia® Coverage by creating a profile within 90 days after your procedure. As Mia partners, we will grant you a unique Mia® Diamond Digital Art Piece, confirming your procedure was done by a Mia® certified clinic and surgeon. After the registration and receiving the diamond, we offer:

  • A 10-year warranty for implant replacement in the event of capsular contracture
  • Lifetime warranty for implant replacement in the event of ruptures
  • A 10-year financial assistance if replacements become necessary

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